Neighborhood Revitalization affiliates now serve 61% of all families served by Habitat in the U.S.

Under Habitat for Humanity’s larger goal of building homes, community and hope, Neighborhood Revitalization aims to find holistic solutions that focus on building community. Primarily, we partner with existing homeowners to do home repairs. Learn more about partner families.  These efforts work with our building efforts to efficiently and affordably revitalize large areas as to create long-term solutions that can sustain long past Habitat for Humanity’s initial involvement.

Neighborhood Partnerships

Our partnerships with local families, small businesses and organizations are aimed at developing social capital, which is the network that allows communities to thrive. Working within these existing networks ensures our initiatives are intentional and culturally cognizant. Our goal is to provide resources for the community so that they may overcome obstacles to home-ownership and a successful, self-sustaining, revitalized community.

Photo 2 - Home Repair

Focus Area

focus-area-rainier beach

Our target neighborhood is the Rainier Valley. This neighborhood has a very rich history of culture, with over 50 languages spoken in the neighborhood, and is touted to be America’s most diverse neighborhood according to the Census bureau. This rich culture is at risk of displacement. Learn more>>

Community Partnerships

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Habitat for Humanity is working every day in Seattle and King County with our region’s greatest organizations to fight the affordable housing crisis. See who we are engaging with and how you or your organization can also get involved. Learn more>>

Partner Families


Habitat has housed hundreds of families over our 30 year history in Seattle-King County. Come see some of our completed homes and their stories from around the area.  Learn More>>