We accept donations of new and gently used furniture, building materials, appliances and hardware that are clean and in 100% working condition.

If you have overstock, seasonal items, inventory close outs, be sure to give us a call. By donating materials to a Habitat Store, you will enjoy a tax deduction, help provide our community with a source of low-cost materials, and reduce materials going to landfills.

Donate today!

For pick-up in the Seattle area, please call (206) 957-6914.

For pick-up in the Bellevue area, please call (425) 641-2643.

If you need more help salvaging materials from your demolition or remodel, contact Second Use. Their licensed, bonded and insured crews can salvage reusable items for reuse, and sales of donated materials benefit Habitat.


Items We  AcceptItems We Do Not Accept
• Appliances (&7 years old or newer)• Broken appliances or appliances older than 7 years
• Cabinets (no melamine or pressboard)• Commercial lighting or used florescent lighting
• Fasteners and hardware (Seattle Store Only)• Open bags/boxes of cement, mortar, drywall compound, grout, etc.
• Flooring (New, never installed carpet & linoleum 10′ x 10′ or greater in size) (Seattle Store Only)• Partial cans of paint, unlabeled/obscured label, flammable or oil based paint
• Furniture (Solid wood furniture, no melamine or pressboard)• Used carpeting/vinyl flooring. Less than 10′ x 10′
• Lawn & garden material (Seattle Store Only) • Cabinet with missing drawers  and doors
• Lighting & electrical supplies (residential only. No used fluorescent lights)• Custom cabinets over 6′ft in length or height
• Lumber   (Quality, unpainted lumber 6 ft. lengths or better) (Seattle Store Only)• Toilets that are cracked, chipped or missing parts
• Paint (Full cans, latex paint only in original container and label attached) (Seattle Store Only)• Commercial ducting or commercial HVAC
• Plumbing supplies (No composite sinks) (Seattle Store Only)• Commercial or custom flashing
• Roofing materials (Seattle Store Only) • Cubicles & commercial office equipment
• New tile (minimum of 50 matching sq. ft.) (Seattle Store Only)• Used laminate countertops & composite countertops
•   Windows (Vinyl & wood only no aluminum) • Large pieces of loose glass or un-framed mirrors
• Doors (Standard residential sizes only. No hollow core slab doors) (Seattle Store Only)• Cultured marble sinks/composite sinks
• Tools & equipment• Tile that is used or contains less than 50 sq. ft.
• Low flow toilets (1.7 gpf)• Windows that are: aluminum, single paned or larger than 7′ x  5′
• Thermostats that contain mercury
• Chemicals or toxic materials