Support the 2023 Seattle Housing Levy

What is it? The Housing Levy has been the main source of funding for the development and management of affordable housing in Seattle since 1986 and renews every 7 years.

The 2016 Housing Levy is set to expire at the end of 2023. On June 13, 2023, Mayor Harrell signed legislation approving the City of Seattle’s 2023 Housing Levy proposal. The 2023 Housing Levy will be on the General Election ballot on November 7, 2023. If approved by voters, the 2023 Housing Levy will be implemented for seven years, from 2024-2030.

Over the course of the last forty years, levy funds have built more than 12,000 affordable homes while collaborating with other local, state, and federal sources to address needs throughout the whole affordable housing continuum.

Why should the Levy matter to you? Everyone in our community is impacted by the sharp rise in housing expenses, but those with the lowest incomes and people of color are particularly disproportionately affected.

That’s where the Levy comes in! To satisfy the critical need for affordable housing, we need funding to build and maintain it. To ensure low-income individuals, families, people with disabilities, seniors, and you & I can afford to live here now and in the future, we need to support avenues for affordable housing production.

Why should you support it? Previous levies have consistently kept their word by building affordable housing, keeping families in their homes, and relocating homeless people into permanent supportive housing. 

The Housing Levy is expanding this year to accommodate the housing demands of our community. More than 3,000 affordable houses will be built for those who need them most, and thousands more people will be spared from homelessness as a result.

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Over 12,000 affordable homes – including over 1000 affordable homeownership opportunities have been created since the Levy was first passed in 1986. The Levy has changed the lives of 16,000 Seattleites through the creation and maintenance of affordable homes in Seattle.

This levy has been crucial to Seattle’s vibrant communities since 1986; let us show our support for affordable housing and for our neighbors and work to pass this 2023 Seattle Housing Levy as well!

Habitat has always fought to create a world where everyone has a safe, decent, and affordable place to call home – with your help and support of the Levy, we can do just that.

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