268 AmeriCorps volunteers have served at Habitat Seattle-King County since 1998 Learn more about our current AmeriCorps members!

Nathaniel Rees

Construction Volunteer Lead

About Nathaniel

Nathaniel Rees graduated from Colby College in 2017 with a degree in environmental studies & studio art. After graduating he worked as a backpacking counselor in North Carolina and then served a 10-month AmeriCorps term with Earthcorps here in Seattle.

In his spare time, Rees enjoys spending time frolicking in the mountains and lakes of the PNW. His favorite outdoor activity is TBS or tactical butt sliding down any snowy slope he can find. Rees’s other passions include painting and drawing, reading, dancing, and exploring Seattle’s art & food scene.

Nicole Errotabere

Community Engagement Specialist

About Nicole

Nicole graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno where she majored in Communication Studies and from The George Washington University with a Graduate Certificate in Sports Philanthropy. After graduating from Nevada, she spent time making magic at Walt Disney World before returning to Reno to work in sports with the Reno Aces and Reno 1868 FC. After Reno, she continued to work in baseball with the Cincinnati Reds and Because Baseball in Cairo, Egypt.

Nicole enjoys helping sports teams build connections in a community, and looks forward to doing that through homes with Habitat.

Christopher Olandt

Construction Volunteer Lead

About Chris

Christopher (commonly  called Chris and occasionally referred to as CJ)  is from coastal New Jersey, specifically the Atlantic City area. He studied archaeology at Lycoming College in Williamsport, PA. Growing up in a Christian community, he spent many summers going on missions trip to various locations along the East Coast doing volunteer construction work. His hobbies include reading, fencing, Frisbee, hanging with friends, playing card games, playing board games, and even playing video games.

Sareena Toothaker

Construction Volunteer Lead

About Sareena

Sareena moved around a lot growing up, but most recently hails from Maine where she graduated from the University of Maine with dual bachelor’s degrees in Microbiology and Biochemistry. Growing up all over the world has given her a love of language and cultural study, and she enjoys reading, drawing, knitting, cooking, and telling bad jokes.

Dylan Lukas

Community Engagement Specialist

About Dylan

Dylan is a 21-year-old from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He spent one year at Mercyhurst University studying business intelligence and one year at his local community college. Dylan has rowed for about seven years now and that hobby has split off into a love for cycling and a tolerance for running.

Dylan finds stress relief and a sense of accomplishment after a long row/cycle/run. Dylan has also used his love of sports to coach high schoolers and adults for the past year and a half. Learning about leadership and how to make plans. Three rivers rowing association was the rowing club where Dylan worked and occasionally competed with.

Besides sports Dylan also enjoys hiking, throwing frisbee/ football, most team sports, watching football or hockey, and being with friends.

Benjamin Wolstenholme

Homeowner Services Specialist

About Benjamin

Ben grew up in Boise, Idaho and after spending 18 years in Boise he moved to Tacoma to attend the University of the Puget Sound. He graduated from UPS with a B.A. in Science, Technology, and Society. After he graduated Ben moved back to Boise and worked as a server while trying to figure out what he wanted to do with his life. Overwhelmed by the negativity around him, Ben decided to apply for Habitat for Humanity back in the Seattle Area. He enjoys skiing, attending concerts, and trying to brew beer.

Allen Koppenhaver

Construction Volunteer Lead

About Allen

After growing up in North Carolina, Minnesota, and Australia, Allen attended the school of Architecture at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Along with a rousing game of billiards, Allen enjoys long walks on the beach, Piña coladas, and getting caught in the rain. His hobbies include hiking, reading, doodling, going to live music shows, and cooking super-duper delicious meals. Allen is looking forward to applying what he has learned during his tenure as a construction crew leader to a career in humanitarian architecture upon completion of his service contract with Habitat for Humanity.

Quintin Dalbec

Community Engagement Specialist

About Quintin

Quintin graduated from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities with a Bachelor of Design in architecture. His senior year he took a class in urban form and theory which inspired him to explore urban planning and brought him here to get hands-on experience working with communities. You may notice he has two different colored eyes, but that adds to his colorful personality. Q enjoys traveling and adventuring around new cities, spicy food, tequila, dancing, and hosting get-togethers with friends. He’s looking forward to moving away from the Midwest and taking advantage of the opportunities in the Pacific Northwest and enjoying the surprises around every corner.

Amanda McGathey

Community Engagement Specialist

About Amanda

Amanda graduated from Ball State University in May of 2017. After graduation, she decided to sign up for a service year. While scrolling through the thousands of possibilities, Habitat for Humanity stuck out to her. She remembered a week-long volunteer trip she did with Habitat that changed her life. It was a no brainer!

99% of the time you can catch Amanda singing on site, being loud, and trying to make sure our volunteers have the most fun possible.