Third Time’s the Charm: a Habitat family story

Tamara was living out of a single room in her mom’s house with her three children when she applied to Habitat for Humanity. Previously, she lived in section 8 housing with her son’s father in an unstable and toxic relationship and when he passed she was no longer eligible for the program. She didn’t have […]

From Cabinet Door to Holiday Sign DIY

Christmas is around the corner and many are finishing up their holiday decorations. From putting the final touches on their Christmas tree to baking cookies, and here’s another decoration to finish up the season with. A holiday sign made out of an old cabinet door! Here’s what you’ll need: Cabinet Door Acrylic craft paint white, green, […]

DIY Pegboard Christmas Tree

Did you know that 25-30 million real Christmas trees are sold every year? After all, every home that celebrates Christmas does so with a tree. Naturally, people get creative and think outside the box with traditions and as of late people have been making peg board Christmas trees! Check out how it’s made: Materials needed: Pegboard Rotary or […]

Leaving It All Behind: a Habitat family story

Hersi built a stable life for himself before he sought safety in the U.S. He worked for a bank for 10 years, attended college in the U.S. and returned to his home country of Somalia to work for the United Nations Development Program. After dedicating 11 years to his career with the UN, Hersi had […]

Does Habitat for Humanity SKC Pick Up Donations?

Yes, our Habitat Store drivers are always driving around the Seattle King County area picking up donations! How do I schedule a donation pickup? We keep the process simple: Go to our store donation page Click “schedule a pickup” button Fill out your donation details Select a date for pick up And you are all […]

How Habitat Stores Support Habitat for Humanity

Christmas is right around the corner and our Habitat Stores obtain daily donations with hidden gems just waiting to be wrapped. But regardless of the gift-buying season, did you know that there are over 800 Habitat ReStores in 49 states! Not-to-mention that the stores themselves are utilized to support the organization’s mission in many ways. […]

Benefits of Upcycling

Upcycling also known as creative reuse. It’s the process of taking worn-out products such as chairs, couches, and cabinets and transforming them into new materials for better environmental value. The trend has been growing with more and more individuals becoming more environmentally conscious. How does Upcycling Help the Environment? Essentially, it keeps waste out of […]

How to Build a Pallet Bed in 5 Steps

Pallet furniture is a cheap alternative to buying brand new or used furniture. After all, pallets are basically preassembled planks. Never the less, many warehouses and retail locations are filled with them and can be easily seen by the dumpster waiting to go to the landfill. Luckily everyone can help prevent that and turn that wood […]

Open Doors: a Habitat family story

Jerri moved into her habitat home in 2002 and lives there with her 25-year-old granddaughter, Terry, who is disabled and requires 24/7 care. “Without getting this house my granddaughter wouldn’t have been able to stay with me, I wouldn’t have been able to care for her,” Jerri told us. Buying a Habitat house has helped […]

Brief History of Habitat Stores

The Habitat for Humanity Stores play a vital role in the organization’s mission of building a world where everyone has a decent place to call home. In 1991, the very first Habitat for Humanity ReStore opened in Winnipeg, Canada with the first ReStore in the United States opening in Austin, Texas. Since then, the Habitat […]