Regarding “Sweat Equity”

I wanted to take a moment today to explain “sweat equity.” When families sign up for our Home Ownership Program, they are only required to contribute to closing costs. The program was set up like this because we understand that few low-income families can afford to put down a large deposit on a house. Habitat […]

More 2019 Habitat Family Stories

Joanne lived a comfortable middle class life in Fremont, CA until she was diagnosed with MS. Just like that, her life changed overnight. As if Joanne hadn’t faced enough diversity her young son Cameron was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy when he was a young child. So suddenly Joanne found herself raising three children alone, one […]

The Move from Moldova: a Habitat Family Story

Alexander and his wife Nadiia lived in Moldova, where Alexander worked hard to provide for his wife and their 10 children. In 2009, they were able to come to the U.S. with refugee status. It has taken them some time to adjust to their new style of life, especially Alex and Nadiia who lived the […]

Life as a Volunteer with Habitat

There are a million different organizations to volunteer with. They range near and far and they can always use extra help when needed. What many people do not know is that there are regulars at each of these organizations who take time out of their week to help these organizations better their local community. It […]

The Fight to Stay Put: a Habitat family story

Candy’s family was one of the founding families of Issaquah, having developed the neighborhood in 1887. She and her children were the fifth generation to grow up in the area. She hadn’t thought about leaving before but she struggled as a single parent supporting her children after her divorce and didn’t have a lot of […]

Make your Own Gallery Wall with Vintage Frames

Habitat for Humanity Stores is a great place to find materials for any DIY project. You are only limited by your creativity! In this post, we’ll explore how to take vintage picture frames and turn them into a beautiful wall gallery. Protip: take a look at Pinterest for ideas 🙂 Step one: Stop by the Stores Frames can […]

Third Time’s the Charm: a Habitat family story

Tamara was living out of a single room in her mom’s house with her three children when she applied to Habitat for Humanity. Previously, she lived in section 8 housing with her son’s father in an unstable and toxic relationship and when he passed she was no longer eligible for the program. She didn’t have […]

From Cabinet Door to Holiday Sign DIY

Christmas is around the corner and many are finishing up their holiday decorations. From putting the final touches on their Christmas tree to baking cookies, and here’s another decoration to finish up the season with. A holiday sign made out of an old cabinet door! Here’s what you’ll need: Cabinet Door Acrylic craft paint white, green, […]

DIY Pegboard Christmas Tree

Did you know that 25-30 million real Christmas trees are sold every year? After all, every home that celebrates Christmas does so with a tree. Naturally, people get creative and think outside the box with traditions and as of late people have been making peg board Christmas trees! Check out how it’s made: Materials needed: Pegboard Rotary or […]