At Habitat for Humanity, we know that families all across the United States are paying too high a price to cover the cost of home. Even before the coronavirus pandemic, more than 18 million U.S. households were paying half or more of their income on a place to live. Now, as the significant economic impacts of COVID-19 continue to unfold, the number of families struggling to make ends meet is only growing. We are committed to doing what we can to help address this issue, which is why we are sharing the results from the first-ever Cost of Home Candidate Survey with you. We believe that the opinions of potential lawmakers are important. We need to know what those who want to represent us believe about issues related to housing affordability. We asked both candidates running in the general election about their positions as it relates to housing affordability and their answers – in their own words – are below. If you don’t know your district, click here to find out which one you are in.

Statewide and Federal

State Senate

State House Seats

Habitat for Humanity Seattle-King County is a non-profit organization and does not endorse any candidate. We believe that an educated voter is a good voter and through this, we are striving to help educate voters and candidates about affordable housing and housing-related issues.