Car Donation Pays Off for Habitat and for Donors

Most of us remember our first car. 

For Sudhanshu Kumar, his first car meant independence in his new country. 

“When I moved to the States, before I learned how to drive or owned this car, I had to rely on others to move around,” he said.

Once he earned his license and his Hyundai Tiburon, Sudhanshu was free to go wherever he wanted. 

“I still remember finding the best pancake place in the city and driving this car to get there.  That’s one of the moments I felt such immense happiness and freedom.”

Sudhanshu recently donated his Tiburon and all those memories to Habitat for Humanity’s Cars for Homes program.

“I thank this car for such wonderful memories, and while I part with it, I am also happy to know if it might be of some use and value to others in need.”

Indeed, Sudhanshu’s generous donation will provide significant support to Habitat’s mission of providing everyone a decent and affordable place to live. Since 2005, Habitat’s nationwide Cars for Homes program has raised more than $30 million and repurposed over 120,000 cars. 

In addition to helping fund affordable homeownership, the Cars for Homes program helps to reduce carbon emissions in our atmosphere. According to a carbon reduction study by Worcester Polytech Institute, cars recycled properly can play a big role in reducing carbon emissions in the automotive manufacturing industry because recycling reduces the need to refine new materials.

Sudhanshu learned about Habitat’s Cars for Homes program from an ad on a Metro bus.

“I was commuting here in Seattle when I saw a sticker for an option to donate the car. I knew then and there if I ever parted ways with my Hyundai Tiburon, that’s what I would do. Being able to do that is such a wonderful feeling.”

Habitat’s Cars for Homes program is a win-win for potential homeowners, for the environment and it’s personally gratifying for the donor.  Donating a vehicle – cars, trucks, RVs, vans, SUVs, boats, and motorcycles, running or not – is simple.  Towing is free! And many are tax deductible. Click the link for details and instructions.