Community Collaborations Expanding Our Impact

     We at Habitat-SKC recently wrapped up our repairs for the 2017 fiscal year, having completed 30 home repairs compared to the preceding year’s 21. We are excited to have partnered with a roofing company that has been particularly generous, specifically in helping us to expand the partner organizations that help us provide affordable home repair for those in need.

     In addition to serving as an advocate for Habitat and helping us to create meaningful relationships with other local companies, Chinook Roofing donated labor and roofing materials to Habitat, helping us to finish three roofing projects this year with special regard to the home of 91 year-old Nellie and her daughter Cheryl. The mother of 12 children, Nellie has been in the Seattle area since 1962. Over the last 40 years she’s occupied her home, she’s operated a daycare and served as a minister at the Christ Fellowship Temple of Love. She’s helped several neighbors grieve through the loss of loved ones and has been the recipient of the same support after losing three of her children. Needless to say, she’s developed a deep love for her neighborhood.

Nellie’s house before repair work started.

     The house still carries a slew of memories for Nellie and her daughter, particularly the celebration of birthdays. After almost a decade without a birthday celebration in the house, Cheryl planned to celebrate Nellie’s 91st birthday with the completion of their new roof as well as the demolition of the rotting back deck and a new coat of exterior paint. Along with the repair of their own home, Cheryl and Nellie hope to see their neighborhood continue to develop and attract more businesses in particular. But if nothing else, Cheryl wants to make sure her mother can continue to live in the only home she’s known for almost half a century. “She recognizes it as home. It’s home and it’s all she knows and that’s why I think she should stay there.”

Nellie's home after repairs wrapped up.
Nellie’s home after repairs wrapped up.

     Nellie’s roof was leaking badly, and needed repair beyond a typical roof replacement. Chinook Roofing and Gutters removed two layers of rotting roofing, installed new sheathing and fascia, reinforced areas that were starting to sag, and installed new gutters, helping Nellie to stay in her home and circumvent the rising costs of home upkeep and displacement. Habitat wouldn’t be able to make an impact in our city without the partners who join us in carrying out our mission of reinforcing shelter, stability and strength in our communities.



This project was done as part of our Home Repair program. You can find more information on this program here.

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