Cost of Home

Today in America 1 in 6 households will spend more than half of their income just on housing. Having such a large percentage of people’s income going towards housing often forces people to choose between housing and food, or housing and childcare. This needs to change.

Your home shouldn’t take half your paycheck. Nobody should have to choose between a place to live or their child’s education. When the cost of home forces people to pick between housing or their children’s future, you know we have a problem.

Beginning June 12th Habitat for Humanity is launching our “Cost of Home Campaign.” We are mobilizing with other Habitat chapters, volunteers and community members across the country. We will help push for policies that will give people in Washington access to affordable housing, and we need your help!

Over the next five years, the campaign will improve home affordability by promoting policy and systemic change in four key areas: supply and preservation of affordable homes, access to credit, land use, and communities of opportunity. Through this campaign, Habitat will look to engage housing advocates, Habitat homeowners, volunteers, and supporters — as well as federal, state and local policymakers. Together we can help increase access to quality affordable housing!

The plan is to promote policy and change in four main areas: supply and preservation of affordable homes, land use, access to credit and communities of opportunity. Habitat for Humanity Seattle – King County will be engaging affordable housing advocates, Habitat homeowners, volunteers and supporters to advance the cause of affordable housing in Washington state.

Only by working together can we increase access to affordable housing in Washington state. Please fill out the form below to pledge your commitment to our Cost of Home Program and receive updates on how you can help.</p