Critical Repair Spotlight: Edna

Edna is a senior living in White Center and is the primary caregiver for her disabled adult son. She contacted Habitat SKC with concerns about a tree on her property that was damaging her home and potentially threatening the foundation. Habitat’s repair team met with Edna to assess the project and scope of the work. In that process, it became clear that Edna was facing other challenges as well.

bathroom remodel

A water leak had damaged her upstairs bathroom, and leaked to the bathroom underneath it downstairs, which now an open ceiling. Due to arthritis, Edna wasn’t able to easily go upstairs to her bedroom, so she was sleeping on the downstairs couch. Lastly, the flooring in her living room and kitchen was deteriorating, making it difficult to maneuver and clean and also creating an unsafe and unhealthy environment for her and her son.

Through Habitat SKC’s home assessment, ways to intervene to improve the family’s quality of living were identified and planned. The repair team started by removing four large trees and replacing the walkway that was raised from the roots to remediate the risk of falling. The team reassembled the upstairs bathroom, including new drywall, flooring, and a door, while also replacing the drywall in the downstairs bathroom. The old flooring was removed in the living room and replaced with low-maintenance vinyl to create an even, level surface to prevent hazards. Lastly, Habitat installed an additional handrail throughout the staircase to help assist Edna in getting upstairs.

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