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On Tuesday, January 9, City of Seattle held a public hearing on the Ft. Lawton property in Magnolia.  The City of Seattle is advancing a proposal which includes partnering with Habitat to build 52 affordable homes on the current site.  This is the second stage of a process to gather public comments – and they need to hear from you! View some of the testimonies from that evening here >>

Learn more about the project and getting involved below. Your comments and participation count.   We want to demonstrate that Habitat homeowners will be an asset to the Magnolia community.

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*before January 29th 2018*

Comments may be submitted via email to:

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Lindsay Masters, Office of Housing, PO Box 94725, Seattle, WA 98124-4725.

Other Actions

Please visit or join the website Next Door to engage with your neighbors about this important discussion

Read more about the project and the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS):


Fort Lawton

The City is considering a range of options and conducting their review under the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA). One alternative involves Habitat for Humanity/Seattle King County developing a section of the area that has existing parking lots and industrial structures (between 36th and Texas Way) for affordable housing for 52 homeowners. Catholic Housing Services would serve as another partner in the plan. For more information, visit:

To voice your support, e-mail the city at

As residents of Magnolia and supporters of Habitat for Humanity we hope you can lend your support.

History and past planning

In 2005, the Army closed Fort Lawton and named the City of Seattle the Local Redevelopment Authority, responsible for preparing and implementing a redevelopment plan. The City conducted an extensive public process that resulted in a detailed plan to create a diverse, mixed-income community with housing for homeless individuals and families and market-rate housing, while also preserving existing wildlife habitat and creating a new neighborhood park. After some delays, the City is now conducting a State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) review that will study a range of redevelopment options.

What Is the vision for Fort Lawton today?

The City’s vision for Fort Lawton is an affordable, livable community that creates opportunities for those with low incomes to live in the Magnolia neighborhood, and takes advantage of the opportunity to expand one of the region’s premier public parks. This vision builds off past planning efforts, while recognizing the City’s present needs and priorities. To accomplish this, the City is working on a redevelopment plan that includes:

  • Supportive housing with on-site services for homeless seniors, including veterans;
  • Affordable rental housing for low-wage households, including families with children;
  • Affordable homeownership opportunities for low-income families;
  • Preservation of existing natural areas that support wildlife habitat;
  • Development of new park spaces that support a variety of uses including active recreation; and
  • Re-use of one of the structures and associated parking as a maintenance facility for Seattle Parks and Recreation.

The success of this vision will depend on strong City partnership with community stakeholders, service providers and public agencies to best support new low-income residents in the neighborhood. The City is committed to fostering these partnerships throughout the planning process.

What is the City's decision-making process, and how can I engage?

The City recently entered into a 5-year lease agreement that releases the Army from the ongoing costs of maintaining the property, while ensuring adequate time for the City to conduct SEPA review and create an updated redevelopment plan for consideration by the City Council. The City has hired a consultant to ensure the full range of environmental impacts are considered through an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), and will engage the public and solicit input throughout this process.