Habitat for Humanity Seattle King County provides a number of advocacy resources to the residents of local communities and those in surrounding areas. It is important to know where and how one can contact their representatives and have their voice heard.

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How to Contact your Representatives

Find and Email your Washington State Legislators

Call your Washington State Legislators



8 am – 8 pm

Monday – Friday

Text your US Senators

Text Resist to 50409

Then answer two questions:

1. Full name?

2. Zip code? (Used to look up your senators)

Lastly, type and send a text message to your US Senators

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Contact Information

When contacting your representatives include your

Name, Address, Phone number and/or Email address

Create your Message

Statement of Concern:

What is wrong?

Statement of the Value:

Why does it matter?

Statement of Solution:

What is the action that needs to be taken?