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With a steady supply of volunteers ready to join us on site, Habitat SKC appreciates organizations’ ability to help defray the high costs of land and building materials, through a donation paired with their volunteer day.

As a Team Builder, you can select your experience from the benefits below. All Team Builder experiences include a personal site host, personalized attention in small crews of 4 or 5, and a variety of tasks to choose from to fit all skill levels.

By the end of your Team Builder day, you’ll share a sense of ownership & pride in the community together with our homeowners, and carry a sense of lasting impact that comes from building a permanent home with your own hands.


Details above are for a single build day. For packages of multiple build days, please download the full version of our Team Builder Spec Sheet.

Due to high demand, we require a Team Builder contribution from corporate groups intending to promote their Habitat involvement. If your volunteer team doesn’t need company recognition, you can make a smaller per-person contribution through our BUILD HOPE PROGRAM

*Faith and Community groups, please contact our office if you’d like to discuss alternative support arrangements, or visit Community Groups

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