With a steady supply of volunteers ready to join us on site, Habitat SKC appreciates organizations’ ability to help defray the high costs of land and building materials, through a donation paired with their volunteer day.

Double your impact as a Team Builder today! Email corp@habitatskc.org to get started

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As a Team Builder, you can select your experience from the benefits below. All Team Builder experiences include a personal site host, personalized attention in small crews of 4 or 5, and a variety of tasks to choose from to fit all skill levels.

By the end of your Team Builder day, you’ll share a sense of ownership & pride in the community together with our homeowners, and carry a sense of lasting impact that comes from building a permanent home with your own hands.


Team Builder Spec Sheet

New Construction
(15 people)
Repair Project (10 people)
Store Volunteer Day (up to 25 people)
Volunteer team build days with priority scheduling
Group photo opportunity on site at build dayXXX
Mentions on Habitat SKC social mediaXXX
Invitation to attend Home Dedication ceremonyXXX
Habitat-provided lunch at build dayXX
Prominent placement of company banner on site during build daysXX
Habitat for Humanity t-shirts for all volunteersXX
Opportunity to participate in Home Dedication ceremonyX
1-on-1 meeting or group presentation with Habitat CEOX
Custom content & quote about company provided by Habitat SKCX
Press release and/or media alert about your supportaskaskX
Pre-build day briefing for your company's employees by Habitat staffaskaskon request
Recognition on Habitat SKC website and PSBJ annual adaskaskask
Commemorative plaquen/aaskask
Custom Habitat for Humanity t‐shirts with company logon/an/aask

Details above are for a single build day. For packages of multiple build days, please download the full version of our Team Builder Spec Sheet.

Due to high demand, we require a Team Builder contribution from corporate groups intending to promote their Habitat involvement. If your volunteer team doesn’t need company recognition, you can make a smaller per-person contribution through our BUILD HOPE PROGRAM

*Faith and Community groups, please contact our office if you’d like to discuss alternative support arrangements, or visit Community Groups

Email corp@habitatskc.org to build your team experience today!

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