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Building around the world

As part of our local Habitat family, you already support international builds! Ten percent of unrestricted funds built 42 homes last year in Cambodia, Bangladesh, Nicaragua & Tajikistan.

But we know, there’s nothing like being on the build site. That’s where Global Village comes in. You can join an existing trip–or, if you’ve been on a global build before, sign up to lead friends on your own trip!

Global Village volunteers not only take vacation to another level, they also help fund home construction in the countries you visit. To get on the list about upcoming Global Village trips, email global@habitatskc.org.

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Going Global

Global Village trips are an adventure, but worry not–just like on a local Habitat build site, we’ve got everything you need. From tools & protective equipment, to lodging, food, and host family visits, Global Village trip leaders work with destination country Habitat liaisons to cover all the details. That leaves you more time for the important work of fundraising to build more homes!

Global Village trip costs include your lodging, food, and transportation, as well as a built-in contribution to help the destination country build homes, acquire land, access clean drinking water, and all the other things that new communities need. Airfare is your responsibility to purchase separately–we’ll let you know when trips are confirmed after a quota of members make their payments.

Participants are encouraged to do some fundraising for the trip, even if you are able to cover the cost personally. Not only does Global Village fundraising save you money, it also helps raise awareness about Habitat’s important work–both locally and around the world.

In our experience, when friends, family, and coworkers hear what you’re doing with Habitat, they want to support it! If you need help with your fundraising mojo, drop us a line–we’ve got resources & ideas.

At this time, all excess funds raised are going to support the rebuilding efforts in Nepal.

Recent SKC Global Village Trips

March 11-22, 2016

Nepal suffered two devastating earthquakes in April and May of 2015. Before the earthquake, 45% of the population of Nepal lived below the poverty line, with an estimated 430,000 people living in substandard housing. The situation in this desperately poor country was terrible before – and now it is even worse. According to the government of Nepal, more than 8,800 people were killed, over 604,900 homes were destroyed and around 290,000 were damaged.

Habitat for Humanity Seattle-King County volunteers travelled to Nepal to build homes for families devastated by the earthquakes.

January 17-25, 2015

The Seattle-King County Affiliate of Habitat for Humanity put together a team of 10-12 volunteers to build in Nicaragua in January 2015.

October 29 - November 6, 2016

A group of nine volunteers from Habitat for Humanity Seattle-King County traveled to Paraguay to build a home for a family living in Antigua.

November 1-9, 2013

A group of 16 volunteers from Habitat for Humanity Seattle-King County, including our CEO Kirk Utzinger, participated in the Cambodia Big Build, November 1-9, 2013. They joined over 150 volunteers to build 12 houses in Phum Kdey Nhor Nhem (Smile Village) in Dangkor district, Phonom Penh. Volunteers worked alongside families that lost their homes and livelihood source when Steung Meanchey municipal dumpsite closed.

The Mekong Big Build marked the start of construction on the 2.2 hectare site that will ultimately consist of 270 housing units, a vocational school, market and community center. Click here to read blog journal entries from one of the participants in the build.


November 23 - December 1, 2013

Habitat Costa Rica began building in 1988, but ceased operations in 1991 with the introduction of an ambitious government housing program that gave houses to the poor. However, with large cutbacks in the government program and an estimated 35 percent of the country’s population still living in substandard housing, in 1996 Costa Rica invited Habitat for Humanity to help once again.