We were one of 1,700 nonprofits that participated in the Seattle Foundation sponsored GiveBig day and out of the 19 million dollars given that day, we will be receiving over $40,000, thanks to our donors and their company matching funds. We couldn’t be more appreciative of the 236 individuals who banded together to provide almost 90% of our total donations which goes to show just how much of an impact donations from people who have a heart for Habitat’s mission make.

These funds will help to create and sustain Seattle communities in more ways than one. They will support, in part, our home ownership program where we work to bridge the gap between a growing low-income population and a housing market that encourages financial stability. They’ll go to developing our home repair program reach which helps disadvantaged and elderly homeowners stay in homes they’ve already acquired and communities they’ve invested in. They’ll support our neighborhood revitalization program in continuing to reach out to other community resources to strength and expand the services they provide. They will reinforce our foundation of working side-by-side to promote understanding, empowerment and stability.

We are a nonprofit that survives off of the voluntary giving of others whether it’s giving funds to help us cover day-to-day costs, labor on our construction sites or materials to our stores, we couldn’t make the impact we do without the donations of our supporters and partners in offering affordable housing options. During the 24 hours that GiveBig spanned, we watched people in all kinds of positions come together to show us support and we’d like to thank all of them.

First and foremost, our GiveBig donors showed commitment to providing a solution to the critical need of safe housing in Seattle-King County. They encouraged their networks to invest in our values by sharing our GiveBig portal and their involvement. Some donors even inspired others to match their efforts so that a total of 10% of GiveBig donations came from matching gift contributors.

Thank you.

Secondly, our office staff and Americorps members woke up early and stayed up late to facilitate GiveBig. They reached out to every donor with a name to express gratitude for the trust they put in us as an organization that works to eliminate barriers to a better, healthier, more stable life. The energy they put into responding to GiveBig donations was tremendous.

Thank you.

And lastly, the Seattle Foundation provided the platform for over 80,000 donations to be made to local nonprofits, effectively catalyzing a world of change in the amount of lives reached in our community. In the face of a rapidly rising cost of living and the displacement of thousands every year, the Seattle Foundation rallied thousands of people to support solutions to disadvantage.

Thank you.

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