One of Habitat for Humanity’s goals is to influence adequate affordable housing solutions by changing systems, policies, and attitudes to achieve decent housing for all. Home is more than just a place where you rest your head. A home is a sense of stability. A sense of safety. A sense of accomplishment. It’s a place where people reconnect with family, friends, and their community. Through advocacy, Habitat volunteers and supporters can amplify our impact and increase access to decent, affordable housing.

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Support the Seattle Housing Levy!

With the November 2023 election coming up, it’s time for the renewal of the Seattle Housing Levy! 

Thanks to the levy over 16,000 people are living in affordable homes in Seattle; including our nurses, food service workers, and healthcare providers, and it’s crucial that we renew the levy to continue to build both on the progress we’ve made in Seattle, as well as the progress we’ve made at the state level. But, if we’re going to keep this momentum and renew this levy, we’re going to need your help!

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Register to Phone Bank!

Habitat for Humanity of Seattle-King and Kittitas County is launching a support campaign to make sure the Seattle Housing Levy passes and we can continue to build more permanently affordable homes in Seattle.

We need you! Sign up for our inaugural phone banking session today!

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