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Basic MemberPremier Member
Monthly Dues: $8Monthly Dues: $25
Annual Dues: $96

Annual Dues: $300
Membership Benefits:

Access to all member events including networking, social, learning/development, book club, and volunteer/advocacy opportunities

Access to Slack channel to connect with other HYP members

5% discount for HYP fundraiser event entry tickets

HYP sticker for your hardhat!

*Basic Members who attend 6 or more events and/or 6 or more volunteer events in a 12-month cycle are automatically moved to Premier Member level. For the following year, these members retain Premier Member level with Basic Member dues, as long as the previous condition for events and volunteering attendance is satisfied.
Membership Benefits:

All benefits of the Basic
Member level, plus:

Additional 10% discount for HYP fundraiser event entry tickets

HYP t-shirt + sticker

Invitation to home dedication events

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For more information about HYP membership contact hyp@habitatskc.org