Julia's Repair

Home Repair Program

Julia typically likes to be proactive in her home maintenance and rarely finds problems when the house is inspected. After 23 years of maintenance, her double hip replacement limits what she can accomplish. Habitat worked with her to install a fence to increase security, update the walkway around her home and her back deck for safety, paint her shutters and clean out her gutters. She looks forward to being able to use her deck again without worrying about falling through the floor and being able to move safely around the side of her house to get to the currently inaccessible furnace room for upkeep.

Yvonne's Repair

Home Repair Program

Yvonne takes great pride in her home and has managed to preserve the 1909 craftsman details of it. However, due to the age of the home, she’s finding it hard to keep up with repair demands, including resurfacing two balconies that are leaking, replacing the back steps that are beginning to fail, repairing leaking gutters, and painting the peeling window trim. Habitat has committed to helping her with these issues, and will help refer her to other programs that may repair her chimneys and replace failing windows. This will go a long way in ensuring Yvonne stays safely in her home as she ages independently.

Lyard's Repair

Home Repair Program

The ramp leading up to Lyard’s front door was essential for both his mobility and his wife’s, who is living with severe physical limitations. He installed the original ramp himself and as the grip on it began to wear down from everyday wear-and-tear over the years, he placed a rug on it to extend its usefulness. Habitat for Humanity paired up with the local nonprofit, Ramp-a-Thon, to replace the ramp, building it up to ADA code. The new ramp allows caregivers, Lyard and his wife to access their home and live out their day-to-day lives in increased ease.

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