Habitat for Humanity is a partnership, not a giveaway program—Habitat’s homeowner families buy the houses that Habitat builds and renovates. Habitat homeowners also invest 250 hours of their own labor working alongside volunteers and participating in education classes

The classes currently be offered are outlined below.

Financial Classes Sponsored by First Savings Bank Northwest


Budgeting and Savings 1 & 2

A comprehensive plan for getting out of debt, budgeting, saving and much more.  Includes goal setting, money management, and preparing for emergencies.  Ideas on how to decrease expenses and increase income. Smart saving tips, pay yourself action plan, and the goal setting process.  Tools to create a budget, and how to create a zero-based budget.  This is a two session class involving homework to monitor spending habits and determine how to best create a budget that works for each individual family.

Budgeting and Savings for Kids

Children ages 4 through 12 benefit by learning how to start saving and how to make good choices about spending.  Students learn the difference between a “need “and a “want” and the importance of a spending plan and will be introduced to different savings options. They will also learn checks and debit cards represent real money and how money goes form a paycheck, to a bank, to a debit card.

Budgeting and Credit for Kids

Teens age 11-18 will learn about money, paychecks, banking, debit cards.  They will also take a look their spending habits and learn about the benefits of developing a spending plan/budget.  Students will be able to identify various sources of income and expenses, construct a budget and look at different types of record keeping.  They will learn about credit reports and how they are used, as well as how to read a credit report.

Professional and Personal Development Classes


Cultural Competency and Conflict Resolution

This training is geared for community living and utilizes interpersonal communication skills for Core Communication.  Participants will learn talking skills, listening skills, how to resolve conflicts, make decisions and solve problems.  Personal communication skills help to strengthen relationships and increase communication and understanding among diverse populations, living in community environments.

Living in a HOA/COA

This class is specific to Habitat homebuyers and owners providing comprehensive education on living in a community association.  The curriculum covers; land trust living, governing documents, responsibilities and roles of the Board of Directors, unit boundaries, common elements, limited common elements, monthly dues, violations, grievances and disputes.  The class is designed to prepare perspective homeowners for community living and explain the variances in living in a community with a Homeowners Association or Condominium Association.

Share Your Story

This class is offered to Habitat homebuyers but open to the public as well.  The objective is to provide support and guidance to partner families who may be asked to speak at an event, or during the sweat equity process at various volunteer sites.  This class provides an opportunity for families to practice speaking and sharing their stories as well as the fundamentals of why this is such an important part of the partnership between homebuyers, homeowners, and Habitat for Humanity.

Home Maintenance Classes


Home Maintenance 1

This class offers Home Maintenance skills including; how to patch drywall holes, hanging things, painting, doors, windows, and floor care and maintenance.  This is a hands on class that is informative and fun.  Students will get to practice repairing drywall and learn how to find studs, how to prep and paint interior walls, and how to repair doors, as well as caulking windows.

Home Maintenance 2

This class is designed to cover general home maintenance including a review of electricity; power above and underground, basic circuits, circuit breakers, GFCI circuits, and electrical hazards.  Appliances; dishwasher maintenance, range, refrigerator, washer and dryer maintenance, baseboard heaters, ductless heat pumps, furnaces, fans, hot water heaters.  Plumbing; sinks, bathtub plumbing, unclogging a drain, and toilets.  Basic home safety; has leaks, smoke & carbon monoxide detectors, fire protection, first aid, and home security.

Homeowner's Insurance

This class is intended to help perspective homeowners understand the importance of homeowner’s insurance and how to spot a good policy and tailor it to individual needs.  It also covers how to shop for an insurance agent and the difference in types of insurance; condo insurance versus homeowner insurance.

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The Basics of Homeownership: Credit, Finance, Home Selection, Escrow and Closing*

Presented by Homesight

HomeSight provides the following classes for potential homebuyers. There is a $10.00 registration fee at time of sign up, which is fully refundable when you attend your chosen class. Interested in attending? Check out our Current Class Schedule. Learn more>>