Meet Some of Our Habitat Families

Every family deserves a decent place to call home and our families come from all around the world. Each with their own story of how they went from point A to point B. Regardless of where one comes from everyone deserves a decent place to call home.Each of these families has put in their sweat equity to make to it where they are today. working through our homeowner services program on a regular basis whether it be on site, in the stores, or in our office they have put in an allotted amount of hours to acquire their home for their family through our program.

Ultimately, every family needs a place to call home as it provides them an opportunity to grow and be an effective member of our society. We at Habitat congratulate each family on obtaining their home. There journey was not easy but it was worth it. Here are our family stories.

Meet the Moredas Family

We are excited to welcome new homeowners to the Habitat family, meet the Moredas! Originally from Ethiopia, Mesfin came to the United States in 2005 to seek better education and lifestyle opportunities. He first arrived in Washington DC and stayed there for seven months. Not comfortable with the extreme weather fluctuations of the east coast, he decided to move from one Washington to the other, settling in Seattle. One of the first things he did was enrolling in college. He also filed a petition through USCIS to bring his wife, Helen, to the U.S.

The whole process took over 3 years, but Helen was finally able to join Mesfin at the end of 2008. Mesfin graduated Shoreline Community College with a degree in accounting in 2008. He got a job as an accountant shortly after and has worked his way up to become a financial analyst within the same company. Helen is currently enrolled in a few classes and is an active stay at home mom with their two sons, Naol and Nathan. Mesfin’s younger sister, Emebet, joined the family a few years ago from Ethiopia and is currently enrolled in college. The family of 5 currently rents a 2 bedroom apartment in Shoreline. They have been interested in buying a home for a while now, but quickly realized they couldn’t afford it in the Seattle area.

They first heard about Habitat for Humanity at a community meeting talking about the unhealthy housing prices in the state. After doing some research, Mesfin attended an information meeting and decided to apply. “I was about to conclude that it is impossible to have a house in this state until I heard about your program. I would like thank the staff and community who is engaged in the program to support us.”

Meet the Igeh Family

Taiyeb and Kadra are both from Mugdishu, the capital city of Somalia. They came to the U.S. for a better life. The couple has been married for 16 years and have 6 beautiful kids. The family has been in the Seattle area for the last 10 years. Due to the high rent costs in Seattle, especially for an apartment large enough to fit their family, they are currently living in multiple locations. The two oldest children are living with their aunt. Kadra and four of their children recently moved in with family in Minnesota and Taiyeb is currently renting a living room from a friend. They are hoping to find an apartment soon to allow
the family to be reunited.

Taiyeb learned about Habitat from a close friend. When he told the rest of his family about the opportunity, they were very excited to start the process. They are looking forward to have the opportunity to have stable
housing and to be reunited again.

Meet the Polanco Family

Last Saturday we all had the pleasure of attending the Polanco Family home dedication ceremony. After taking numerous homeowners education classes, and putting in over 250 hours of hard work, we were all so thrilled to come together to congratulate Alba on this important day. The youngest of 8, Alba Polanco Toledo grew up in El Salvador during a civil war. When she was a young girl, her father passed away. Alba’s mother had to work hard to support her family. Because of this, she credits her mom as the greatest influence on her growing up.

Alba wanted to give her son Daniel the best life, and the most opportunities – but the hope of affording a new home seemed completely out of reach. Alba had all but given up on home ownership until she found Habitat for Humanity, and decided to sign up for the program. We are so happy for Aba and Daniel, and it was such a joy to watch them receive the keys to their new home!

Meet the Salas-Maldonado Family

After being a domestic violence survivor in 2010, Hortencia lost everything. She was very ill and unable to pay rent and eventually the family slid into homelessness. With the help of Wellspring Family Services, they were able to move into transitional housing. After a couple of years, they finally moved into a small apartment, but their rent kept going up and up.

Every time Hortencia thought of buying a house, the high market prices made her drop the idea. She had all but given up on owning a home until a friend mentioned Habitat for Humanity. Hortencia applied for the program and was thrilled to be accepted. After putting in hundreds of hours of sweat equity, Hortencia was so happy and grateful to finish the work and move into her new house.

Thanks to everyone who came and helped us celebrate this special day, and a heartfelt congratulations to the Salas-Maldonado family on their new home!