Welcome to the Habitat-Seattle King County Blog!

You are officially interacting with the new Habitat for Humanity- Seattle King County website, and with that website comes our new Habitat-SKC blog. Over the past year, we’ve gone through a lot of changes in the hopes of expanding our reach to both help more people attain and maintain affordable housing as well as engage more people who are interested in investing in an equitable housing market for the growing Seattle area. One of the many investments that we’ve made is starting a blog so that we can tell you, and anyone else who’s interested, what all the other investments we’ve made are.

This blog is the place where you can stay updated on Habitat-SKC’s upcoming projects, the outcomes of some of our past implementations and the varying ways Habitat-SKC is manifesting our mission. You’ll meet all kinds of stakeholders who partner with us in the Habitat process, including our volunteers, donors and the families who build their own homes alongside everyone else. Our staff will share their experiences and expertise on building an affordable Seattle housing market with you and you’ll see the growth Habitat is going through in the stats we collect as well.

This blog is meant to help answer questions you may have about us as well as invite you into our process. We’re committed to deepening the relationship we have with the Seattle, King County community and this is just one way that we hope to do that.

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