Our Impact

  • Critical Home Repair Spotlight: Sandra
    Sandra Browne is a single, 83-year-old woman whose grandfather was an enslaved person from the Deep South. In 1884, after slavery had legally ended in America, her grandfather moved to the Seattle area to escape racism and discrimination, and to search for better opportunities for his family and himself. Ever […]
  • Critical Repair Spotlight: Edna
    Edna is a senior living in White Center and is the primary caregiver for her disabled adult son. She contacted Habitat SKC with concerns about a tree on her property that was damaging her home and potentially threatening the foundation. Habitat’s repair team met with Edna to assess the project […]
  • Homeowner Spotlight: The Gardner Family
    June 9, 2021 For the past several years, Emily Gardner and her two sons were living in a two-bedroom apartment in an urban neighborhood of Seattle. As a single mom, while she is lucky to have kept her job during the pandemic, her hours had been cut, and her rent […]
  • 35 Families in 35 Days
    In honor of our 35th anniversary, we’re celebrating 35 families we’ve helped serve over the years! Countdown: 35 Days April’s home in Federal Way was the first home that Habitat and Delta Airlines partnered to build in 2013, providing her family with a 100-percent, handicapped-accessible home for her disabled son. […]
  • Homeowner Spotlight: Elizabeth Almejo
    “AAAAAAA HHHHHHHHHHHH! I feel like a soccer player who just scored a Goal!”  “GOOOOOOO OOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOAL!!!!!” “You have to have watched Latin soccer games to know what I’m talking about!” These were Elizabeth’s first messages to the Habitat team when she received confirmation of the closing on her home this […]
  • Spotlight on Habitat’s Repairs Program: Lula
    Lula has lived in her home in south Seattle for nearly thirty years. Her parents originally purchased the home and Lula moved in with her then, toddler-aged daughter. The house has become the center of Lula’s family – the place where she raised her daughter and has fostered friendships for […]