Acquisition of Advocates!

We make sure to make our advocacy as accessible as possible by providing many different ways to join the fun!

HabiChats: These are on-site short chats we have with volunteer groups + partner families telling them about what all it is Habitat does Advocacy-wise, why it’s important and how they can participate! It involves encouraging our volunteers and partner families to sign up for Advocacy Alerts using our text line.

‘Habitat’ to 231-HABITAT (231-422-4828): Our text line is one of the quickest ways we acquire advocates! All they have to do is text ‘Habitat’ to 231-HABITAT and it signs them us to join our SMS list and receive text alerts from us!

VolunteerHub: Many of our volunteers sign up via VolunteerHub so we capitalize on this by adding a tick box section on the sign up form giving people the option to opt in to our text alerts or join our email list! Since they’re already there, it’s an easy and effortless way to get people to sign up and 9/10 they opt into Advocacy alerts too!