Habitat Cost of Home Campaign having Legislative Impact

Habitat’s Cost of Home campaign focuses on improving housing affordability in four specific policy areas: increasing supply and preservation of affordable homes, equitably increasing access to credit, optimizing land use for affordable homes, and ensuring access to and development of communities of opportunity. Over the past year, our efforts helped to pass six pieces of legislation in Washington state:

☑️ HB 2343 – Density Reform

This bill encourages cities to include Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) in their growth planning – encouraging more density and cheaper home options.

☑️ HB 1694 – Move-in Fee Payment Installation

This bill addresses the high cost of moving for renters by allowing for move-in fee installation payment plans among other tools.

☑️ HB 2950 – MFTE Extension

This bill extended incentives for multi-family housing projects to include affordable housing options in their buildings.

☑️ HB 2497 – Permanent Affordable Housing

This bill added development of permanently affordable housing to the allowable uses of community revitalization financing.

☑️ SB 6212 – Voter-approved Affordable Housing fund

This changed the rules around local affordable housing tax levys to allow for a wider range of affordable housing projects to be served with this funding.