Habitat Repairs Team Announces Home Preservation Program and Offers Summer Home Improvement Tips

With many of us spending more time at home, and with warmer weather ahead, many homeowners begin to think about home improvement projects and maintenance tasks. They may consider building that new deck or patio they’ve always wanted, but there are also plenty of good general maintenance projects that homeowners can do themselves, and help maintain the equity in their homes.
Here is a list of generally recommended spring and summer projects, some of which are easy enough for the average homeowner to complete, while others might require a qualified contractor.

Easy Maintenance Projects:
• Clean windows
• Clean sink disposal
• Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
• Vacuum the vents
• Lay fresh mulch
• Check exterior of home for loose or rotted siding
• Inspect fencing

Intermediate Maintenance Projects:
• Clean gutters and downspouts
• Clean dryer vent and exhaust ducts
• Power wash and reseal deck
• Repair and repaint any chipped, cracking or faded exterior paint
• Refill cracks on cement walkway or driveway

Advanced Maintenance Projects:
• Replace old windows or doors
• Replace the roof
• Get chimney cleaned and repair tuckpointing

Getting on top of these types of home projects will contribute greatly to the preservation of your home in the long run. Seeing a need for this type of work, Habitat recently launched a program called “Home Preservation.” We provide minor home repair and maintenance to owner occupied homes. These types of projects are typically volunteer friendly and focus on preserving the home and safety of the homeowner, while improving the community as a whole. Home Preservation is offered in communities and areas that Habitat for Humanity designates for community impact and neighborhood revitalization. These services will be limited to specific targeted communities.

To learn more, please go to https://buyhabitat.org/home-repairs/home-preservation/