How Habitat Stores Support Habitat for Humanity

Christmas is right around the corner and our Habitat Stores obtain daily donations with hidden gems just waiting to be wrapped. But regardless of the gift-buying season, did you know that there are over 800 Habitat ReStores in 49 states! Not-to-mention that the stores themselves are utilized to support the organization’s mission in many ways.

How do Habitat Stores serve Habitat Seattle King County?

The proceeds from the Habitat Stores in Seattle King County go to the community’s office where they will be put to work in the local community. Furthermore, a tenth of the funds accumulated at our local resale shops is put toward providing shelter around the world.

Shopping at the stores in Seattle King County does not only helps the local community, but it also helps out the rest of the world in obtaining a decent place to call home.

How can you Help the Habitat for Humanity SKC Stores?

There are a number 0f ways to assist the stores. For starters, if you already shop with us you are providing us with great aid. Additionally, Habitat Stores take donations which you can either drop off at one of our three stores or through scheduling a pick-up. And finally, you can always volunteer your time with the Habitat Stores. After all, there is always work to be done in any retail store.

What Makes the Habitat Stores Unique?

The Habitat Stores are in the enigma in comparison to other retail shops. Unlike typical home improvement stores, Habitat Stores all have their own unique look along with their unique stock. This is due to having a donation based inventory given to us by the local community.

With the lovely treasures given to our stores, each store provides its own twist that is an accumulation of Habitat for Humanity and the community that the Store supports.

Nevertheless, the Habitat Stores in Seattle King County provide support to Habitat’s mission by providing an extra source of revenue. It is thanks to the local community that we are able to provide to Habitat for Humanity’s over-arching mission of providing everyone with a decent place to call home.