Homeowner Spotlight: Asha Dore

Asha Dore is single mother and speech-language pathologist in King County. She was born and raised in the Florida panhandle, and with her children, Leisl, Margot, and Francis, spent several years living all over the country and exploring different regions, before relocating to Washington in 2017.

Asha’s daughter, Margot, needed speech-language therapy when she was an infant and toddler, and her journey inspired Asha to become a speech-language pathologist. Now, she supports and helps children like Margot every day. After graduating with a Master’s degree in 2017, Asha began working in speech-language pathology in the King County Public School system.

Asha and her family love living in Washington, and have become active in the theater, art, and special needs communities. They also love spending time at both the beach and the mountains, riding bikes and taking long walks. Leisl is an amazing artist who fills the house with incredible drawings of dragons and anime princesses. Margot is a wonderful gymnast with a huge imagination, and loves to practice and write stories about her baby dolls. Francis is a mighty superhero and whip smart mini-inventor who takes apart everything he can find so he can learn to put it back together. All three children spend their days outside taking care of their puppy, Josie, working in the garden, or coming up with science experiments.

Although they love the Seattle area, the rising cost of living was forcing Asha to consider making a difficult choice to move away because it was becoming more and more difficult to afford the rent and raise her family there.

Through Habitat, Asha and her children were able to purchase a home in the High Point community in Seattle, and they are now in a four bedroom, 1.5 bath townhome that provides safety and security. They are all excited to participate in their new community and neighborhood school, explore Washington together even more, and return home every day to a place that they can now truly call “home.”