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Little Luxuries: A Habitat Family Story

The work Krystal and Zachary put into their house is a constant source of pride for the family. “Little luxuries mean a lot when you haven’t had a lot of stuff or haven’t been able to afford those things, and you know that you’ve earned them, and that you work really hard for them. We work really hard for these houses… And there’s a lot of pride in that.” The family has been able to budget better, save up for vacations and even change their day-to-day life. “It’s going to the thrift store verses actually getting something new. And it’s going and being able to buy your school supplies. And not having to go down to the food bank… it was nice to be able to just go to the grocery store, and buy what I wanted to buy, and actually be able to buy it all… it’s nice to just be able to go grocery shopping and not have to worry as much.”

These small financial victories are a result of a series of savvy purchases, lessons learned, and a newfound sense of financial literacy.  Krystal and Zachary, like all Habitat Partner families, participated in a series of homeownership courses designed to empower them financially.

We know that financial empowerment is the underlying engine that makes Habitat’s model life changing: not just the construction of shelter, but the affordable mortgage and financial trainings that empower Habitat families with the know-how and habits that lead to financial success. The long-term, 99.3% success rate of local Habitat homeowners would not be possible the financial training made possible by our Financial Empowerment Sponsor, BECU.

While ownership is the key to better futures – for every family we hand keys to their new home –BECU’s broad vision of financial empowerment brings new meaning to the phrase, “You own it.” Thanks to BECU, and all the partners who set up our families for futures of financial success!

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