Lowe’s Repairs Allow Seniors to Age in Place

A fantastic group of volunteers turned out for a productive day of repairs in late September,  helping senior homeowners with critical home repairs as part of Lowe’s Home Improvement’s Aging in Place program.

The #lowesheroes team quickly got to work re-doing siding on four homes that day. One homeowner, Maria, moved into her Habitat home in 2005. Her son, Miguel, was 15 when they got their house and rallied his friends to help reach his family’s sweat equity hours requirement. 

“I still remember living in apartments and my mother had five jobs at one point just to live check to check. Now with my help and her friend who helps her take care of the house, it’s good.”

Almost 12 years later, Maria’s still able to live in the community situated between Bellevue and Redmond. She lives on a limited income because of disabilities that prevent her from working, and she’s grateful for all the support Habitat continues to provide so she can remain in the house she’s so proud to call home.

“ I owe so much to this program”, she told us. 

Thanks, Lowe’s! www.facebook.com/lowes/