Mayor Durkan Loyal Heights Signing

signing event

Today we gathered together on a sunny day in the Phinney Ridge neighborhood to hear Mayor Durkan announce the funding of two affordable homeownership developments in Seattle. Homestead Community Land Trust will receive $1.51 million to create 19 condominiums in Phinney Ridge, and Habitat for Humanity Seattle-King County will receive at least $720,000 to build 8 family-sized townhomes with three bedrooms in the Loyal Heights neighborhood.

Mayor Durkan addressed the crowd about these funding projects: “We know that we have to continue to act with urgency to address our housing and affordability crisis. We have to use every tool at our disposal and we have to look for more tools. One of the things we have to do is to put our public lands to work for the public!”

“We also know that we can’t do this work alone. It’s thanks to our partners who have the experience that we can announce incredible opportunities like this one. I am pleased to be here today with Habitat for Humanity, who has stood with me at Fort Lawton and other places in the city where they are creating the ability to have homeownership. Habitat for Humanity Seattle – King County will receive $720,000 to create 8 family-sized townhomes on the Loyal Heights Site. City Light will transfer these properties to the non-profit organizations at no cost so that we can afford to build this housing at a price that can be affordable long term for families with limited means.”

signing event

Mayor Durkan introduced Habitat for Humanity Seattle – King County CEO, Brett D’Antonio. “Here at Habitat, we believe that through shelter we empower. Meaning that owning a home is the primary catalyst for economic mobility and advancement, particularly for underserved populations. Historically across our country, owning a home has been the single largest influence on the accumulation of wealth within a family.  Unfortunately, homeownership has been out of reach for generations of Seattle families.”

“With the actions taken by the city today, we are continuing to change that. Our three-bedroom townhomes that will be built in Loyal Heights are the starter homes that this market can no longer afford to produce. Modest income families that currently rent will be able to buy their first home, put roots in their new community, engage civically and most importantly; build equity to invest in the future of their families.”

Thank you to all our donors and volunteers! With your support Habitat for Humanity Seattle – King County can continue to provide affordable housing for local families and make a difference in our community.

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