Volunteer of the Month: Rita Tan

We wanted to take a moment today and acknowledge a very special volunteer who has been giving her time with Habitat for Humanity Seattle – King County for over ten years! Originally from Chicago, Rita and her husband moved to Seattle in 2007 when her husband got a job at Microsoft.

Volunteer spotlight: Rita Tan

Rita had previously been aware of Habitat for Humanity, but somebody invited her and her husband to their table at our annual luncheon and that made her decide to volunteer. Her first project was in Highland (row of townhouses) and she just never stopped volunteering when that project was complete. Now she joins us every Thursday, usually at our Lake City Way building site.

When asked why she volunteers, Rita tells me she enjoys knowing her work is helping families. She tells me that she thinks of each part of the construction like little puzzles and enjoys learning as she works. Rita also likes the people she volunteers with, and enjoys meeting each class of AmeriCorps.

Rita has become one of those important volunteers we have come to rely upon at the job site. No matter rain or shine, Rita is always there with a hardhat and a smile – and we couldn’t be more grateful! Thank you, Rita!