Volunteer Spotlight: Lorraine D’Alessandro

Lorraine D’Alessandro

While our construction volunteers are out on-site, our equally dedicated Store volunteers are helping to sort, intake, and display merchandise. Items sold in our Habitat Stores help fund new building and repair projects and so directly help local families find and maintain safe, affordable housing.

One such volunteer is Lorraine D’Alessandro, who started helping at our Bellevue Store about two years ago. Although now retired, Lorraine previously worked as Director of a health clinic and has a background in neurophysiology. With free time on her hands, she knew she wanted to volunteer and liked the idea of doing something physical. When reviewing various opportunities, she decided that Habitat was a good fit.

“I love working with Brian and the staff,” she said. “Brian is an amazing manager and does a good job of managing his volunteers – the whole staff at Bellevue is phenomenal!”

Lorraine normally volunteers twice a week, but given her age and COVID considerations, she has put that on hold temporarily. She typically volunteers with a group of four friends who all organize their volunteer schedules so they can spend time together. Lorraine says she is anxious for things to go back to normal so she can start volunteering with her friends again.

Thank you for pitching in and helping Lorraine! Your hard work makes a huge difference in our mission to provide safe and affordable housing.