Goodbye Danielle!

It’s with no small amount of sadness that we announce our Operations Coordinator Danielle is leaving Habitat for Humanity this month. Danielle has a big adventure in front of her as she prepares to move to the other side of the country to Raleigh, North Carolina.

Danielle joined us here at Habitat back in 2016 as AmeriCorps for Store Operations. She came on board a month after opening our largest Habitat store yet in Southcenter and quickly proved herself an important part of the team. Soon thereafter, Danielle was brought on board as a full-time staff member.

Our Chief Retail Officer Cydnie had this to say about Danielle:

“There is nothing that Danielle can’t handle. Whenever we talk about her job description I always say she is Chief Problem Solver. Every day is a new puzzle and Danielle constantly finds creative ways to keep making our Stores better. Danielle has implemented our Operations Manual, our Safety Manual, Forklift Certification, vetted and secured a multitude of corporate donors, created a process to manage large volunteer groups in our stores, ensuring they have a great time. “

Thanks for the years of hard work and good luck in North Carolina Danielle!