Habitat Allstars Appreciation Night

Thank you to everyone who came out last week to our Habitat All-Stars Recognition Night! We gathered together to give some well-deserved acknowledgment to the amazing men and women who donate their time making our community a better place. Habitat for Humanity is only as strong as it’s volunteers who we rely upon to help with our build sites, stores, and other programs.

The first award of the evening went to Roy Bartlett. Over the last 12 years, Roy has averaged over 290 hours per year. After beginning as a construction volunteer, he became a mainstay at our Habitat stores. Roy has volunteered over 3,700 hours since starting with Habitat which puts him among our volunteers with the most amount of total lifetime hours. Way to go Roy!

We were excited to present Shaun Corry an award for her role in Resource Development here at Habitat. This year Shaun hosted a very successful House Party and gave the fundraising pitch at the 2019 Luncheon (while also serving as an Annual Table Captain and Table Host!) Shaun also participates annually in our Women Build and the Interfaith Build and brings others to join her. Shaun has an incredible giving and caring spirit, and it shows in all she does for the community. Shaun has always been a volunteer we can rely upon, and we appreciate everything she does for Habitat.

We also recognized Joe Mayo for his huge contribution to Habitat. After becoming a homeowner through our program in 2017, Joe quickly finished his mandatory 250 hours of sweat equity and hasn’t slowed down since. Joe is a perfect example of how providing people security allows them the freedom and time to give back to their communities.

Katy Girard was recognized as our Construction volunteer of the year for putting in an incredible 450 hours just on the Sammamish project alone. This puts Katy head and shoulders over anyone else in terms of hours for that project. What an accomplishment!

Damon Tsai won a well-earned award for HYP Volunteer of the Year. So far, Damon has spent over 250 hours at projects and shows no sign of slowing down. Damon is the Vice President of our HYP (Habitat Young Professionals) group and is an important part of our volunteer team.

Last but certainly not least, a special thank you and congratulations to Nicki Gates for winning our 2019 Volunteer Award! Nicki has put in over 3,300 hours of volunteer time so far at Habitat and has become a familiar sight at Habitat builds over the years. Most recently, Nicki was a Monday regular at our Sammamish site helping build ten homes. Nicki continues to keep serving her community by coming out week after week to work alongside Dave and other longtime volunteers. Thanks Nicki!

The fight for affordable housing is a team effort, and Habitat relies upon our hardworking and generous team of volunteers. The simple fact is that without people like Nicki, Katy, Damon, Shaun and Roy pitching in we couldn’t keep putting families in homes. Volunteers aren’t just important, they are the backbone of Habitat for Humanity! If you have some time to give and would like to give back to your community please consider visiting our Volunteer page to find out how you can help. www.habitatskc.org/get-involved/volunteer/