More 2019 Habitat Family Stories

Joanne and her children recently moved into a brand new Habitat home in Bellevue, WA.

Joanne lived a comfortable middle class life in Fremont, CA until she was diagnosed with MS. Just like that, her life changed overnight. As if Joanne hadn’t faced enough diversity her young son Cameron was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy when he was a young child. So suddenly Joanne found herself raising three children alone, one with special needs and dealing with all of this through her MS symptoms. Thankfully, Joanne found a Habitat for Humanity pamphlet which changed her life forever. After several classes and over 250 build hours later, Joanne finally had a real home in Bellevue for her entire family.

The Lopez family
The Lopez family moved to Seattle from Mexico City and love having a real home for their children to grow up in.

Ricardo and Maria Lopez were happily married for 42 years in Mexico City but after the city started to become more violent Ricardo decided to move his family to Seattle to give them a better life. He started off as a dishwasher living with Maria and his three small children in a small run-down one bedroom apartment. The Lopez’s had a hard time even believing it when Habitat for Humanity was described to them. The idea of having a proper home for their kids and enough space for their family seemed like an unattainable dream. Maria and Ricardo worked hard, put in long hours and the house was ready by Christmas of that year. The joy of seeing their children grow up in a real home in Seattle, and in a good neighborhood was a dream they had never dared to have until they found Habitat.

Habitat is a community driven organization that brings people together from all walks of life to build and sell homes affordably to families in our community. Habitat homeowners are seniors, veterans, families with small kids… They live in your town and nearby. They are your neighbors. New perspective homeowners come to the table with a small down payment. We structure the mortgage payments in a way that are affordable to them, and thanks to the donations we receive from amazing people like yourself we are able to make up the difference so we can put families in homes.

When you donate you are helping not only a family today, but a family tomorrow. Everything we do, every home we build is supported by people like yourself. People who care. Help us build our community by making a small donation to Habitat for Humanity today!