Habitat for Humanity Seattle-King County Supports Governor Jay Inslee’s Landmark Housing Proposal for 2023-25 Legislative Session

Proposal provides three times more support for affordable homeownership than ever before

SEATTLE (December 15, 2022) – Habitat for Humanity Seattle-King & Kittitas Counties announced today its full support of Governor Jay Inslee’s Affordable Housing proposal for the 2023-25 State budget. At $75M, the Governor’s proposed budget constitutes the State’s first major investment in affordable homeownership and makes good on the Governor’s November promise to focus on housing in this legislative session.

“This is a victory and landmark investment for affordable homeownership, as well as affordable housing in Washington,” declares Habitat for Humanity SKKC CEO Brett D’Antonio.  “At three times any previous housing budget, this proposal promises to produce more affordable homes in King and Kittitas Counties, while it provides significant support for family and community stability statewide.”

Past State housing budgets have been built primarily from the Housing Trust Fund alone. The Governor’s 2023 proposal expands access for affordable homeownership to housing support through more options than ever before, such as transit oriented housing construction and a housing accelerator program, targeted toward those making between 50-80% AMI. In addition, Inslee proposes spending nearly $625M in affordable housing construction.

Habitat for Humanity Seattle-King & Kittitas Counties serves a client that is gainfully employed and housed. Prior to finding Habitat, many were paying more than 50% of their income on rent, living in unsafe living conditions and at great risk of becoming homeless. Inslee’s housing proposal for the 2023-25 budget can provide relief for thousands of families through Habitat’s proven homeownership model, allowing them to thrive in their own safe, affordable homes as they contribute to their communities. Habitat for Humanity SKKC currently has 290 units in its pipeline, a construction budget of $126M.

“A portion of the budget is practically written with Habitat in mind,” said Ryan Donohue, Habitat SKKC Chief Advocacy Officer, adding that this budget proposal includes a strong acknowledgement of past harms inflicted on BIPOC communities over decades of systemic homeownership prohibitions. “The $5M allocated specifically to BIPOC homeownership is a good first step toward remediating some of those mistakes,” he said. The proposed BIPOC funding dovetails with Habitat’s 2022-23 Black Homeownership Initiative, an important part of Habitat SKKC’s own 2023 Legislative Agenda.

Habitat SKKC has established a Text line for citizens to express support for the Governor’s Housing Proposal.  Text the word BUDGET to 231-Habitat (231-422-4828).

More About Habitat for Humanity Seattle-King County

In Seattle-King County, Kittitas County and around the world, Habitat for Humanity brings people together as volunteers, homeowners, donors, and community members to create strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter, ranking in the top 20 of America’s Favorite Charities for 2019 by the Chronicle of Philanthropy. Locally, Habitat for Humanity SKKC constructs affordable homes, revitalizes neighborhoods, repairs homes for low-income people and seniors, operates discount home improvement stores in Auburn, Southcenter, Bellevue, and Ellensburg, and mobilizes nearly 4,500 volunteers a year and advocates for safe and affordable housing solutions for all people at the state, county, and city level. Learn more at www.Habitatskc.org.