Volunteer Spotlight: Andrew Phisuthikul

Week after week, our hard-working Habitat volunteers show up at our stores and construction sites with a positive attitude and ready to work. That is the only way Habitat can continue helping local families – with the help of everyday heroes who give us their weekends and evenings with the hope of building a better world, and stronger communities. Although currently we can only have a limited number, their commitment remains.

volunteer spotlight: Andrew Phisuthikul

Andrew Phisuthikul is one such hero, and a volunteer we have come to rely upon at our Lake City site.

Andrew first volunteered for Habitat when he was in high school back in the early 2000s at our then Patterson Park development. He was already working for a family friend’s construction company at the time and thought that volunteering for us would be a great way to hone those skills and help local families at the same time. After Andrew’s first day of volunteering, he was hooked! He enjoyed meeting all the people, and the feeling of satisfaction he received from working with his hands.

After high school, Andrew went on to get a BS in Construction Management from the University of Washington and upon graduating, was hired at Clark Construction Group, LLC. With school behind him, Andrew decided it would be a great time to start volunteering again and so he began coming out to our Lake City site every Saturday to pitch in and move the project forward.

“It’s fulfilling to see what you can accomplish by the end of a day. I like working with volunteers, homeowners, Americorp, and Alan, and Doug. I also love building, so volunteering is kind of win-win situation for me! “

Andrew Phisuthikul

Thank you, Andrew, for being a volunteer! Your hard work allows us to continue building and maintaining safe, affordable housing in the Seattle – King County area. We couldn’t be more grateful for all your hard work!