Volunteer Spotlight: Andy Iles

One of our newest regular volunteers helps out at our Habitat construction sites once a week. Originally from Arizona, Andy went to college in Texas at Rice University, where he graduated with a degree in computer science. After living in Texas for a few years, Andy ended up moving to Seattle and working for Nvidia. In his role there, he managed a team of people working with cloud computing and artificial intelligence – which he did a number of years before moving on from the company.

volunteer spotlight: Andy Iles

Andy told me he chose Habitat to volunteer because he likes being hands-on, and he likes working with people who have similar values. After years of working at a desk, he enjoys spending as much time outside as he can.

So far Andy has done about a half a dozen volunteer days at our Pacific, WA, and Lake City construction sites. He loves that everyone is super into volunteering, and appreciates how supportive the staff and other volunteers are. Overall Andy tells me the experience has been great, and he looks forward to his time volunteering.

It is hard to overstate how much we rely on volunteers like Andy to build and maintain our Habitat houses, it’s only with the help of dedicated volunteers that Habitat SKC can continue serving the community. Thank you for pitching in, Andy!